DO your homework. Know what the company you are applying for is looking for in a employee. Google yourself make sure there isn’t anything negative about you, if so be ready to explain to them why is it that there is something negative about you. Interview yourself, ask your self some questions that you think you will be asked about the job position or generic intervire questions. Ask a friend to help you, a little Role-play will help. Have your friend host a mock interview for you so that you can be prepared for anything coming yoyr way. If you’ve had any expirience with an interview, reflect on it and gather anything that might be useful for this new interview. Be prepared to have a goal or mission in place so that the interviewee see’s your ambition and see that you are a committed person. Over all ahve a positive attitude throughout the interview in the long run a positive attitude will show the employer that you are able to work with other people and its pleasing to see other people with a posisitve attitude. Try not to be too nervous, get comfortable but not too comfortable to where you are looking careless, and overall have fun! an interview can be exciting because it can dictate your future! it’ll all be okay!

Simple Steps to prepare for an interview:

  • Analyze the Job- Know that what position you’re going for. You will be asked why you are wanting the job, so be prepared to give an answer.


  • Match Your Qualifications to the Job- Justify why you are the most capable for the job. You are bragging about yourself in an interview.



  • Research the Company- Know what the company you are applying for stand for, you will be asked some question about the business. If you know about the business you are applying for the interviewer will know that you are a person that takes initiative.


  • Practice Interviewing – Ask yourself questions you think you’ll need to know.
  •  Wear proper attire, depending on the job wear either: Business Formal or Business Casual


  • Get Directions- Known where you are going at least a couple days in advance leading up to the interview. You wouldn’t want to be late because you are lost.


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes in advance, then you can mentally prepare yourself for the interview and the interviewer can see that you are responsible with your time.
  • After interview Follow up- If you do follow up on your interview the interviewer will see that you are persistent and they know you really want the job. Usually a phone call or email will do the job.


Questions to ask potential employers in job interviews

  • What skills and attributes do the people that do well at your company usually have?
  • What do you like best about working at _____?
  • What results are expected here at this job site?
  • What specific problems, if any are you hoping to solve soon?
  • Who are the key internal customers?
  • What are your goals for the department?


What to bring to an interview

  1.      Notebook
  2.      Pen or Pencil
  3.      Resume and extra copies
  4.      Letter(s) of recommendation
  5.      Transcripts

Always end an Interview with a positive attitude and with confidence.


Source: Circle of Experts



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