Men & Woman’s Attire

This is an article from Princeton University on what Men & Woman should wear specifically to an interview.

Overall It was Tips on How to dress.

  • Err Conversative:
  • Be Neutral: Colors such as black, gray, beige, or white
  • Make it a match: Match your footwear. It is said shoes make the outfit for a reason.
  • Dust off your iron: Clothes should be clean and pressed every time.
  • Be Polished: Scuffed shoes, small stains, and other issues will stand out.
  • Watch Hemlines.

(Men) Tie should go to your belt. Shirt sleeves should extend about a half inch beyond your jacket.

(Women) Avoid low-cut blouses. Do not have your skirt more than an inch or too above the knee.

Unrelated to attire, the website also provided other information. Including a 7-Step Prep plan:

  1. Research the organization
  2. Compare your skills and qualifications to the job requirements.
  3. Prepare responses
  4. Plan what to wear
  5. Plan what to bring
  6. Pay attention to non-verbal communication
  7. Follow up.

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